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How They Voted: LJM Waterview Phase II

For those who have been following all the way back since our inception, the above image might look familiar.  It was used in our first post about the Planning & Development Committee rejecting LJM’s Waterview Phase II second major revision in 2016… which Council later overturned and approved.

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Wards 2, 3, 4 Debates Posted / Debate Editorial

We received word from the people at A Better Grimsby that the Ward Alderman debates for Wards 2, 3 and 4 have now been posted online on YouTube. They can be accessed at the following links:

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Is The Region Planning To Plow Through The Greenbelt?

Source:  Stock Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Yes, the headline may sound a little spectacular but when you start connecting the dots, it is clear that much like the Regional CAO hiring process, there is a “parallel process” at play at the Region with a potential predetermined outcome when it comes to the Greenbelt.

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Grimsby Votes: Voter Registration Portal Goes Unfixed

While the sign at the corner of Hunter and Winston Roads asks “Are You On The Voter List?”, it sure seems like the Town doesn’t want you to be…. or at least is not expending any effort to ensure you can use their portal.

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AG Report on NPCA Audit Released – Don’t Be Surprised

The Auditor General’s report on the audit of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority was tabled a short time ago at Queen’s Park and is now available on the AG’s site.  Not surprisingly, the AG found that there is some serious issues with that organization.

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Notice: Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan Open House (New Date!)

The Town will be hosting an Open House for their Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan on Tuesday October 16th, 2018.  This is your chance to see how the plan is forming and give your last minute input.

EDIT:  The original date of October 9th has been changed to October 16th.

Details in the flyer as below:

Reminder: Ward 4 Debate – Tonight (Tuesday)

Just a quick reminder that the Ward 4 debate is tonight (September 25th) at the Livingston Activity Centre at 7PM.  The LAC is located at 18 Livingston Avenue, right beside Shoppers Drug Mart.

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NPCA Audit To Tabled At Queen’s Park This Week

It will be an interesting week at Queen’s Park (and the Region) as the Auditor General is tabling it’s report on the audit of the Niagara Peninsula Conversation Authority.

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Casablanca Stakeholder Workshop + Casablanca & Livingston Ave EAs PIC #2

The Region sent out a letter to residents along Casablanca announcing a “Stakeholder Workshop” will be held on September 27, 2018 at Southward Park Community Centre in regards to the Casablanca Environmental Assessment (EA).  While the letter was sent to those on Casablanca Boulveard, if you have an interest or simply live in the West End of Grimsby, you should attend.

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Grimsby Votes: Electronic Voting – Are You Concerned?

After discussions with many Grimsby residents, it seems that they have genuine concerns over the choice (and push) to use electronic voting in October’s municipal election.  Does electronic voting have the integrity that a traditional ballot does?  We say “NO!”.

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