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Sign “Oh” the Times: Berry Signs On Big Developer Properties

We received a tip from an eagle-eyed resident regarding some large mobile signs promoting Alderman Berry’s run for the Mayor’s Chair.  ‘Tis the season for signage, but after checking them out ourselves, there is more than one message than what is plastered on the sign.

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Grimsby Votes: Debate Videos Roundup


With electronic and telephone voting now open, we thought we would provide you with a quick list of the various debates available.  Whether you are still sitting on the fence on who to vote for or already have your candidates chosen, the debates applicable to you are worth a watch.

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How They Voted: Odyssey Condos (10 Windward) – Just Push It


We are back again with the third installment of “HTV”.  Before we dig in, a big “tip of the hat” to our readers… these posts are very popular and we appreciate your time in reading them.  But back to the business at hand, or the business at the hands of Council to be more precise.  This time we will look at how Council handled the Odyssey Condominium project AKA 10 Windward Drive, a project which is currently in the early sales phase.

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How They Voted: Biodigester – Part 1 – The $4.5M Loan Guarantee


We noticed that NewsNow printed an interesting update on the Biodigester in this week’s edition of the paper entitled “Bio Blues”.  The article examines the numerous non-compliance issues at the Biodigester found by the Province, which we do not find surprising.  You can read the entire article here:

Given that “thing” on Sobie Road is probably burning more money than it is organic material, we thought we would take a look back at the Bio and see how Council voted on one of many issues to arise out of that white elephant.  It has been a hot item on the minds of voters for this election cycle and one that causes incumbents to seek shelter or provide excuses.  So let the record speak for itself.

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How They Voted: LJM Waterview Phase II

For those who have been following all the way back since our inception, the above image might look familiar.  It was used in our first post about the Planning & Development Committee rejecting LJM’s Waterview Phase II second major revision in 2016… which Council later overturned and approved.

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Wards 2, 3, 4 Debates Posted / Debate Editorial

We received word from the people at A Better Grimsby that the Ward Alderman debates for Wards 2, 3 and 4 have now been posted online on YouTube. They can be accessed at the following links:

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Grimsby Votes: Voter Registration Portal Goes Unfixed

While the sign at the corner of Hunter and Winston Roads asks “Are You On The Voter List?”, it sure seems like the Town doesn’t want you to be…. or at least is not expending any effort to ensure you can use their portal.

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Grimsby Votes: All-Candidates Debates

We have posted in our Events calendar a list of the All-Candidates Debates being hosted by A Better Grimsby.  There will be debates for Mayor, Regional Councillor and all Ward Alderman races.

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Grimsby Votes: The Great “Debate” Debate

For those who might not have caught last week’s article and editorial in News Now, there was a focus on the upcoming municipal election debate(s).  The Grimsby Chamber of Commerce has tentatively scheduled a Mayoral debate on October 2nd from 7-8PM at the Casablanca Winery Inn.  A “meet and greet” with all candidates from the other races, will bookend the night before and after the debate.

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Grimsby Votes: The Race For The Mayor’s Chair

With residents across Niagara becoming more aware in civics, calling for change and a sweeping out of Councils both at the municipal and regional levels, it comes as no surprise that there are five open mayoral seats in the Region. For some, it is often better to throw in the towel than suffer a defeat by the electorate at the ballot box.

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