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How They Voted: Irish Woodlot / Livingston Ave. Extension

With fall in the air, our local enclaves of forests (well, we don’t really have many left below the escarpment) are starting to turn into beautiful hues and the much loved Irish Woodlot in Grimsby is no exception.  As such, we thought it would be apt to turn our “How They Voted” eyes onto the Irish Woodlot and the proposed “Livingston Avenue Extension” through it.

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Is The Region Planning To Plow Through The Greenbelt?

Source:  Stock Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Yes, the headline may sound a little spectacular but when you start connecting the dots, it is clear that much like the Regional CAO hiring process, there is a “parallel process” at play at the Region with a potential predetermined outcome when it comes to the Greenbelt.

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Casablanca Stakeholder Workshop + Casablanca & Livingston Ave EAs PIC #2

The Region sent out a letter to residents along Casablanca announcing a “Stakeholder Workshop” will be held on September 27, 2018 at Southward Park Community Centre in regards to the Casablanca Environmental Assessment (EA).  While the letter was sent to those on Casablanca Boulveard, if you have an interest or simply live in the West End of Grimsby, you should attend.

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The Standard: Easton – ‘Master Plan’ At Work With CAO Hiring

SOURCE:  Twitter/@SandraLEaston

Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton is not shying away from the sorry state of politics at the Region, including the controversial “hiring” of Regional CAO Carmen D’Angelo.

Easton who was a member of the CAO selection committee is now speaking out and saying that her four years at the Region and the “backroom dealing” there has left her “disgusted”.

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NTW: Politicians warn Grimsby hospital ‘will fall apart’ / HCSP


Niagara This Week just published an interesting article on West Lincoln Memorial Hospital, arising out of discussions that took place at the recent AMO (Association of Municipalities of Ontario) conference in Ottawa.  The West Niagara delegation was quite strong in their demands for a WLMH re-built/new hospital.

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The Standard: More Evidence of Regional Meddling – All The Chair’s Men

Grant LaFleche of The Standard published another great article on the “inside help” that Niagara Region’s CAO, Carmen D’Angelo, received as he was applying for that very same position.  It appears that he received assistance right from a staffer in Regional Chairman Caslin’s office.  The Regional Chair was also on the “selection committee”.

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Last Call: Regional Council – “Shape Niagara” Survey

While most of us aren’t fond of surveys, we hope many of our readers will participate in the Region’s “Shape Niagara” survey.  This survey is part of the public input process to develop “a new Council strategic plan for 2019-2022”.

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The Standard: Caslin apologizes for illegal seizure

Photo Credit:  Jule Jocsak/The Standard

After being raked over the coals by the Ombudsman over the illegal seizure and ejection of media from a meeting last year, Regional Council looks like it’s trying to make amends.   Did we mention it’s election season?

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Ombudsman: Niagara Region Acted Contrary To Law

Photo Credit:  Emily Spanton/The Standard

In what seems to be a malaise in politics to intimidate, control and influence free media (or “fake news” as some elected officials call it), it looks like The Region got caught red-handed.  The Ombudsman recently released a report entitled “Press Pause” on the Region’s December 7, 2017 meeting where press equipment was seized and journalists were ejected.

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Guest Column: 14 Lanes Are Enough

We are going to hand over the reins of this post to Bruce Mackenzie, a local and noted naturalist who has championed conservation of natural resources both here in Grimsby and around the province.  You might recognize his name as part of Hawkwatch, saving the Biggar Lagoons bird habitat or his dedication to preserving the woodlot.

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