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Main Street East Neighbourhood Meeting: August 19th, 2021 @ 6:30PM

The good folks over at “Save Main Street” are organizing a good ol’ fashioned “neighbourhood meeting” for this Thursday evening at Centennial Park. With two proposed MSE developments that never were presented to Council for decision and are now awaiting an LPAT hearing, forensic questions about the handling of these applications at Town Hall are certainly in order.

You don’t need to be a resident of Main Street East to attend, but if you have concerns about how this situation came to be or concerns about Town Planning/Administrative matters, you may wish to consider attending.

See!-Eh?-Know! – “Bramptonist” Chronicles Grimsby CAO’s Movements

Photo Credit: TorStar/Fair Dealing

While many have raised questions both publicly and on social media about the actions of the Town’s CAO, an online media outlet in Brampton today posted an in-depth article that captures Mr. Schlange’s movements and hiring practices.

From his early days at Fort Erie to his current tenure in Grimsby, the article takes a long and factual look at where the CAO has been and who he brought along for the ride.

You can read the full post at the Bramptonist by clicking this link here.

Information and Privacy Commissioner: “A Year Like No Other”

Photo Credit: RAND Corporation/Fair Dealing

It came as a surprise to many on Council in February when the 2021 budget was presented and the 2020 revenue for “Freedom of Information” fees was revealed. The Town had estimated it would take in $50 in these fee revenues for 2020… but they actually took in $3,989. That’s almost an 8,000% (yes, eight-thousand percent) increase compared to estimated revenue.

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West Lincoln Mayor Bylsma Gets Cringeworthy (Again)

Photo Credit: St. Catharines Standard/Fair Dealing

It was bad enough last year when West Lincoln Mayor Dave Bylsma offered less than acceptable comments regarding LGTBQ, Pride and Black Lives Matter, but he apparently has sunk to a new low. In this particular incident, Mr. Bylsma felt it appropriate to ask a woman if her recent COVID-19 vaccination was affecting her menstrual cycle.

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Council Notes: “Be Ready For Anything” – May 3, 2021

Mayor Jordan began last Monday’s meeting talking about a national initiative on emergency preparedness. The theme this year was “Be Ready For Anything”… fitting words considering what was to follow.

If you missed the meeting and don’t want to watch the 4+ hour event, you can find the more digestible version of the interesting events in this post. The meeting had a little bit of everything, drama, action, comedy… better than television Netflix.

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