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TVO: Tories Bill Could Punch Holes In Greenbelt

The powers that be at Queens Park have introduced Bill 66, although entitled “Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act”, it could have serious implications allowing municipalities to short-circuit existing planning and environmental legislation when it comes to certain development.

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The Standard: New Regional Council Scraps Old NPCA Board

After a “Hail Mary” play by Sandy Annunziata to try and use a 24-year old Order In Council to try and control the NPCA appointment process was deflated by the Ministry of Environment, the new Regional Council sworn in today went ahead and turfed Annunziata and the previous NPCA Board.

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The Star: AG Finds Metrolinx Approved Two Stations Under Political Pressure


The Auditor General in her examination of two proposed GO stations concluded that “Metrolinx inappropriately recommended the province build them under pressure from the former transportation minister and the City of Toronto”.

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NOTES: Council December 3, 2018 (Inaugural Meeting)

The first meeting of the new Council took place this past Monday, December 3 and although the agenda was light as business is rarely transacted at inaugurations, there is always notes for you.

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BREAKING: No-Go For GO Trains In Niagara

Well, what can we say… you read it here first way back in August when we stated that the promise of the GO Train into Niagara was going off the rails.

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LAST CALL: Committee/Board Lay Member Recruitment (Nov 30)

Just a quick reminder that the deadline for applications to be a lay member on the fresh set of Town Committees and Boards closes on Friday, November 30th.

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The Standard: Ford Announces Funding For New Grimsby Hospital


We just picked up from The Standard some very good news.  It appears the Province is giving $500,000 to kick-start the building of a new West Lincoln Memorial Hospital.

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ABN: NPCA’s Old Guard Gets Desperate On The Way Out

Despite getting the boot from the electorate, it looks like the “old guard” at the NPCA is desperately trying to retain control of the organization in one form or another.  Unfinished business perhaps?

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NewsNow: Downtown Condo Dies In Tie Vote / Last Council Meeting

Well, we would normally have notes from Council but we think NewsNow sums up what happened with the Century Condo project past Monday evening pretty well.  We have added in some prefacing commentary as well…

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Notice: Niagara Region Governance – Public Meeting

The external governance audit of Niagara Region, including the NPCA,  that is being conducted by Dr. Andrew Sancton and Dr. Tim Cobban is seeking public input and is hosting a public meeting on November 28th at Niagara Regional HQ.

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