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Grimsby Development and the “Section 37 Bonus” Provision

Interesting article in Niagara This Week regarding Grimsby and the “Section 37 Bonus” provisions which are applicable when a developer wants to go beyond original zoning limits.

The current process of closed-door negotiations between developers and the Town is far from transparent. For residents these “payoffs” can’t mitigate the effects of poor planning and the deleterious effects on them and their property.

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Notice: Upcoming Public Meetings May 2017

Grimsby Town Council
Monday May 1st, 2017 @ 7:00 PM

Admin & Finance
Monday May 8th, 2017 @ 4:30 PM

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NPCA Cancels RFP Process Due to “Member Interference”

It seems there is a question of integrity even within members of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Board of Directors.

Full read available here on the NPCA website:

Notes: Committee of the Whole Budget Meeting – April 18th, 2017

I guess if you start high, there’s only one way to go – down – and from an optics perspective, it looks more palatable. After starting at a 16% tax levy increase, Finance staff whittled it down to 7.3%. Then, (a few) aldermen took their pencils out and whittled just a wee bit more to get it down to 6% … because it sounds better. In comparison, 7 other local municipalities have established levy increases ranging from 2.08% to 6.95%.

Notes: Town Council – April 17, 2017


IT Strategic Plan

John Naas from Blackline Consulting presented the final IT Strategic Plan and recommendations. The town is now in a position where long-term “band-aid” solutions have created an IT infrastructure and technology gaps where the town is no longer able to meet the pressures and demands to provide appropriate service levels. This means catch-up and a large financial investment over the next 10 years.

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Notice: Committee of the Whole Budget Meeting – April 18, 2017

Interested in where your tax $$ will be spent?

Budget deliberations are being finalized with a special Committee of the Whole meeting tonight:

April 18 at 6:00 pm @ Town Hall

All meetings are open to the public.

Notes: Planning & Development Committee – April 11, 2017

Grimsby Beach Conservation Management Plan – presentation by Willowbank School students

This initial presentation by the students proposes a “Cultural Heritage Landscape” for the Grimsby Beach district. The Planning Director (Michael Seaman) has had a continuing relationship with the school since 2010.

The study recommended that proactive measures must be taken to protect the key cultural elements of the neighbourhood from demolition and development, citing a recent listing at 33 Victoria Terrace priced at almost $600K. A small survey of local residents raised common issues of lack of parking, disrespectful tourists and littered garbage.

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Comments: March 29 Special Council Meeting – Committee of the Whole Budget Discussion

** Keep an Eye on Your Local Parkette **

Unfortunately, we missed the March 29 Council meeting that discussed the budget. So we thought it would be wise to review the minutes on the Grimsby Town Hall website to see what was discussed… what did we find, basically nothing. Surprised?

Notice: Upcoming Public Meetings April 2017

Want to spectate, participate or just see how town affairs are administered, feel free to attend the above meetings.

Notes: Town Council – April 3, 2017


Asset Management
This team was created by Town Manager Brandt to better manage, monitor and report on the Town assets such as; roads, buildings, IT, sanitary and water systems, pipes, fleet and equipment, parks, street lights, to name a few. Jenn Gross, a GIS Analyst for the Town presented.

It was noted that the Town’s asset plan currently does not have enough detail in it to satisfy government reporting requirements. New software and processes will enhance accountability and transparency and enable the Town to better prioritize asset repair and replacement.

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