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Notice: Public Information Centre – Niagara GO – June 22, 2017

There will be a “Public Information Centre” in Grimsby on June 22, 2017 concerning the Niagara GO Hub & Transit Study.

The session will be held at Grimsby Town Hall (Council Chambers) at 160 Livingston Avenue from 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM, with a presentation at 6:30 PM.

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Notes: Committee of Adjustment – May 30, 2017

Despite the small meeting room, there was a great resident turn-out for the Committee of Adjustment public meeting concerning #52 Garden Drive!

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Notice: Committee of Adjustment Meeting – May 30, 2017

There will be a Committee of Adjustment meeting at 7PM on Tuesday, May 30, 2017 @ Town Hall.


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Winegate: Citizen Asks For Alderman’s Resignation

After the the very serious allegations of eavesdropping were leveled against one of Grimsby’s Aldermen (see the previous post at this link), it was only a matter of time before the “R-word” started making the rounds.  While the R-word is not “responsibility” but rather “resignation”, the two seem to go hand-in-hand.

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Grimsby Projects – A Follow-Up (Reader Commentary)

Further to our previous post “Grimsby Projects – What’s Going On?”, we received another e-mail as a follow-up from the same reader.  The opinions expressed in that correspondence are very enlightening, so we thought we would share them with you.

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Potential Closure of Kilean Lodge & Move of 50 Long-Term Care Spots to Hamilton

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is proposing to close Kilean Lodge and move our 50 long-term care beds to a new development in Hamilton.  Do you want to see these beds stay in Grimsby?

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GO Train in Grimsby and Niagara by 2021? Metrolinx Gives A Reality Check.

We have been hearing it for months, even years that Grimsby will have GO Train service by 2021 and Niagara Falls will see daily service by 2023.  Town Council and the Region have been blowing their (train) horn about this ad nauseum.

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Ombudsman Release Report on Town’s “Secret Meetings”

Following a complaint made last year to the Ombudsman of Ontario regarding two questionable “in camera” meetings held by Council regarding it’s interest in Niagara Power Inc., a final report has been released.

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Town Still Holding Onto Hopes To Build In The Greenbelt

As we have previously posted, there will be no land removed from the Greenbelt in Grimsby as a result of the 2017 amendments to The Greenbelt Plan.  That however has not deterred the Town’s hope of some “concessions” concerning land around the planned GO station.

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Region’s Transportation Committee Approves Motion to Remove Livingston Avenue Extension From Master Plan

The idea of the Livingston Avenue Extension that threatened the sanctity of Grimsby’s Irish Woodlot is one step closer to being relegated to the history books.

This past Wednesday, the Region’s Transportation Steering Committee unanimously passed a motion to “Remove any reference to the proposed extension of Livingston Ave from the Region’s Transportation Multi-Modal Master Plan.”

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