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Month: September 2017

Notice: Planning & Development Committee – September 26, 2017

We hope that everyone managed to enjoy the unseasonable (in a good sense) weather we had this past weekend.  While it may have felt like summer, it is definitely fall and the Planning & Development Agenda for this Tuesday’s meeting is an extensive buffet of items.

Grab your utensils and let’s dig into the Agenda!

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Long Term Care in Niagara – Under Further Pressure

We posted an article here  back in June regarding the potential closure of Kilean Lodge and the movement of it’s beds to Hamilton.    Now the union representing workers at Maplecrest Village, also in Grimsby and a sister facility in Fort Erie are crying foul.

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Notes: Council Meetings – September 18, 2017

The Council meeting had a very packed agenda on Monday and with that and other matters keeping us busy, we apologize for keeping readers “in suspense” over what transpired at Council.

Notably missing from the meeting was Mayor Bentley, so Alderman Seaborn took the reins as Deputy Mayor

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Notes: Planning & Development Committee – September 12, 2017

Planning & Development Committee started the Fall 2017 session off with a buffet of agenda items.  The updated agenda (with the Interim Site Alteration/Fill By-law) can be found at:,773,79437&preview=86329

Here are the highlights of the meeting:

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Notice: Planning & Development Meeting – September 12, 2017

Here are some highlights of what’s on the September 12th Planning & Development Committee agenda:,773,79437&preview=86329

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NOTICE: Upcoming Town Meetings – September 2017

Well, hope that everyone had  great summer… kids are back in school (most of them) and the meeting schedule at Town Hall is picking up once again.  With the days growing shorter, meetings are back to their regular times for the rest of the schedule.

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