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NTW: Politicians warn Grimsby hospital ‘will fall apart’ / HCSP


Niagara This Week just published an interesting article on West Lincoln Memorial Hospital, arising out of discussions that took place at the recent AMO (Association of Municipalities of Ontario) conference in Ottawa.  The West Niagara delegation was quite strong in their demands for a WLMH re-built/new hospital.

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The Standard – All The Chair’s Men – Hiring Tainted Before It Started

Much like the weather over the past few days, it appears that it is getting hotter and hotter at Niagara Regional Council.  After a marathon 5+ hour session last Thursday investigating the “hiring” of CAO Carmen D’Angelo, Regional Council resolved unanimously to ask the Ombudsman to step in.

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Grimsby Votes: The Race For The Mayor’s Chair

With residents across Niagara becoming more aware in civics, calling for change and a sweeping out of Councils both at the municipal and regional levels, it comes as no surprise that there are five open mayoral seats in the Region. For some, it is often better to throw in the towel than suffer a defeat by the electorate at the ballot box.

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Election Watch: Social Media Audit – Regional Councillor Tony Quirk

It goes without saying that social media is playing an even more pivotal role in elections allowing candidates to connect directly to voters.  Our upcoming municipal election on October 22 will be no exception and in this post and others to follow, we will take a deeper look into social media use.

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Grimsby GO Trains In 2021? – A Reality Check.


As a follow-up post to Friday’s “GO Train Update & Council Agenda Raises Questions“, we did some digging to try and get a better feel of the latest Metrolinx press release on GO in Niagara and the “information explicitly supplied in confidence” to the Town.  It seems there is something significant on the table, what that is will be interesting to find out.

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GO Train Update & Council Agenda Raises Questions

In what seems to break the silence in updates regarding GO service to Grimsby and the Niagara Region, Metrolinx released a media advisory curiously titled “Metrolinx and Niagara Region continue to work together to bring regular GO train service to the region”.

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The Standard: Niagara Falls City Council Asks Regional CAO to Resign

It looks like things just got a little hotter at the Region.  With many questions  surrounding Regional Council, the latest development in the CAO hiring saga is that Niagara Falls City Council passed a motion asking D’Angelo to step down.

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Notice: Grimsby Summer Street Party – August 18th 5PM

Nothing to do this Saturday night?  Well come on down… downtown that is, where Main Street will be closed for a Summer Street Party to raise support for West Lincoln Memorial Hospital.

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The Standard/Newstalk 610: Aleafia Cannabis Greenhouse in Grimsby

Photo Credit:  Julie Jocsak/ St. Catharines Standard

The Standard recently published an article on the Aleafia medical marijuana facility in Grimsby (378 South Service Road) that we first covered on our site in July.  You can find our previous posts by clicking this link.

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The Standard: More Evidence of Regional Meddling – All The Chair’s Men

Grant LaFleche of The Standard published another great article on the “inside help” that Niagara Region’s CAO, Carmen D’Angelo, received as he was applying for that very same position.  It appears that he received assistance right from a staffer in Regional Chairman Caslin’s office.  The Regional Chair was also on the “selection committee”.

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