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Halloween Challenge: Help Save WLMH!

While the ghouls and goblins come haunting to your house on Halloween, you can use the opportunity of neighbours coming to your door to help save WLMH!

You can give the kids the treats and the adults can get a little information about what is happening with West Lincoln Memorial Hospital.  You can print out the leaflets below and hand them out to the adults… and while they are on your doorstep, grab their signature on a printout of the petition.

Here are the leaflets you can hand out:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

And the petition (please print original copies and only sign in the boxes provided):

Download (PDF, Unknown)

No prizes for the person who gets the most signatures, but you can have the pride of knowing you helped saved WLMH.

Notice: GO Transit Station Open House – November 8, 2018

The Region will be hosting an “open house” at the Casablanca Winery Inn to highlight the “achievements” thus far of the various Secondary Plans that have fed into the Hub and Transit Stations Study.

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Municipal Election 2018 – Post-Election Analysis

Although it was only Monday that the polls closed, it along with all the campaigning seems to have been so long ago.  In this post, we are going to look back at the numbers and do a little analysis on the election.

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NOTES: WLMH Community Meeting & Petition – October 24, 2018

Like a Tokyo subway at rush hour, Trinity United Church was packed to the brim with people who wanted to hear the latest happenings about WLMH and where we as a community need to move forward in regards to it.

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NOTICE: “Stop The Closing of WLMH” Meeting – Important!

We received word this morning of a last-minute, yet VERY IMPORTANT meeting regarding West Lincoln Memorial Hospital.  With the Board of Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) set to soon vote on what they wish to do with WLMH, residents need to be loud and clear we want to keep our hospital.

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Grimsby Votes: Municipal Election 2018 Unofficial Results

Before we get to the results, Grimsby residents should pat themselves on the back.  There was a great turnout both with electronic voting and with traditional ballots at Town Hall.  It shows how dedicated residents are to our community.  Now onto the unofficial results…

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Municipal Election 2018 – Cast Your Ballot!

‘Twas the night before the election and all through the Town, not a candidate was sleeping despite tiredness from making the rounds…

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The Hydro Files: Part 4 – The Ombudsman Investigates (Twice)

In this installment, which we hope might be the last, of the “Hydro Files” we will take a look at the Ontario Ombudsman’s investigations in Grimsby, not once but twice, into some “secret meetings” involving hydro matters held by the Town and the secret hydro empire it controls.

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The Hydro Files: Part 3 – The Empire Strikes Back (Council – Oct 15)

While we originally would have normally called this post “Notes:  Council – October 15, 2018”, the night’s events were quite heavy (handed) on the topic of the Town’s hydro companies, their financials and “secret” meetings.  As such, we thought it qualified more as part of our “Hydro Files” series.

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Notes: Century Condos Public Meeting (P&D) – October 9, 2018

While the agenda was sparse, the air was dense as people waited with baited breaths to hear and speak to the updated report on the 4/5 storey Century Condos development downtown.

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