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Month: December 2018

The Standard: New Regional CAO Cleans House

Photo Credit:  Chris Carter – Bob Tymczyszyn , The St. Catharines Standard

Much like voters cleaned house of local and Regional councils in October, Niagara Region’s acting CAO, Ron Tripp picked up the same broom and started getting rid of those that the electors could not sweep out.

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NOTICE: Council Meeting December 17, 2018

Monday’s meeting of Council marks the first “regular business” session for the new Council, but also the last meeting of Council for 2018.  As such, the agenda  is quite a mixed bag of goodies.

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GO Back On Track In Niagara? Yes and No.

Following Metrolinx’s announcement of a new approach to GO in Niagara, seeking third-party partners to invest in bringing transit service to the region… which seemingly put the brakes on plans, the Province today announced GO Trains to/from Niagara Falls & St. Kitt’s in January 2019.

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The Hydro Files: Part 5 – The Hydro Boards – “A New Hope”

While this past weekend provided our new Council an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of municipal governance in training sessions, there was an immediate item of business which was in open session on Sunday… the Hydro Boards.

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TVO: Tories Bill Could Punch Holes In Greenbelt

The powers that be at Queens Park have introduced Bill 66, although entitled “Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act”, it could have serious implications allowing municipalities to short-circuit existing planning and environmental legislation when it comes to certain development.

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The Standard: New Regional Council Scraps Old NPCA Board

After a “Hail Mary” play by Sandy Annunziata to try and use a 24-year old Order In Council to try and control the NPCA appointment process was deflated by the Ministry of Environment, the new Regional Council sworn in today went ahead and turfed Annunziata and the previous NPCA Board.

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The Star: AG Finds Metrolinx Approved Two Stations Under Political Pressure


The Auditor General in her examination of two proposed GO stations concluded that “Metrolinx inappropriately recommended the province build them under pressure from the former transportation minister and the City of Toronto”.

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NOTES: Council December 3, 2018 (Inaugural Meeting)

The first meeting of the new Council took place this past Monday, December 3 and although the agenda was light as business is rarely transacted at inaugurations, there is always notes for you.

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