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Month: January 2019

Retail Cannabis: Council Votes To Opt-Out

As promised in our “finale” post… we would update you on Council’s decision on whether to opt-out or opt-in to retail cannabis sales.  Council voted on the matter a short time ago and voted to “opt-out”, the decision being almost unanimous with only Councillor Vaine voting in favour of retail sales.

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Thank You For The Support & “See You Later” from GCFRG

Dear Readers,

Well, this post may come as a surprise to you and certainly it was a post that I did not think I would have to write so soon… but alas an appropriate time has come.

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Retail Cannabis Opt-Out: Province Brands / Council January 21

The upcoming Council meeting on Monday (January 21) is certainly to be an interesting one, although the Biodigester is on the agenda, front and centre will be the debate and vote on whether Grimsby should “opt-out” or “opt-in” of retail cannabis sales.

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Bio Opinion / NewsNow: Biodigester Article Roundup

What a week it has been.  First come the real numbers of what that pipe-dream on the hill has really cost taxpayers.  And no this author does not buy the spin of the old Council saying that “not a a single taxpayers dollar” was involved… that money should have rightfully gone back to the Town.

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The Hydro Files: Part 6 – Biodige$ter Financial$ Revealed

This site has often referred to the Biodigester as the “Biodisaster” and now that a wealth of answers hidden by the old Council have been brought to light by our new Council, this project is living up to the nickname.

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Notice: Special Council Meeting (Biodigester) – January 14 @ 6PM

Well it looks like the new Council has wasted no time and  is bringing forth a public update on the financial workings of Grimsby Energy Inc. and the much loathed Biodigester.

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Town Hall News: Grimsby’s Director of Planning Moving On

As noted in our post from yesterday, Council discussed in closed session a “Staff Vacancy”. This author took note of that particular agenda item on Friday when the meeting Agenda was posted and decided to harvest the power of “a popular Internet search engine” to see if it knew the answer… and of course it did.

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Notes: Council – January 7, 2019

A new year, a (mostly) new Council and things got off to a light start in the first Council meeting of 2019.   In fact besides the passing of previous meeting minutes, there was only one public item on the Agenda.

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Notice: EA Updates – Casablanca PIC 2 & Livingston Ave. Extension

The Region has just sent out a update notice in regards to the two Environment Assessments (EA) it is undertaking in Grimsby.  While the first Public Information Centre (PIC) was held last year and covered both EAs, they have now been split.

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