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Month: February 2020

Councillor Motions To “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

After last week’s rehearsed “coup” at Council that saw the duly-elected Chair of the Heritage Committee “replaced” with Councillor Dunstall, this site brings forth the next charade… curbing your right to free expression at Town Hall.

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How They Voted: Replacement of Elected Heritage Committee Chair

Image Credit: Town of Grimsby

Given the internal strife of Council, it came as no surprise as the all-male “Grimsby 5” or “Gang of 5”, which seems a more appropriate moniker given their collective agenda and bloc voting, overrode the recent election of the Heritage Committee’s new Chairperson.

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NewsNow: “Grimsby Five Stick Together” on CAO Schlange

Image Credit: The Brampton Guardian/Fair Dealing

According to NewsNow, Monday’s Special Council meeting on the “administrative leave” of Town CAO Harry Schlange ended up with some Town staff members “moved to tears in the lobby after the meeting”.

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