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Notes: Council Meeting – January 15, 2018

The Council agenda was pretty bare again this week with just a few crumbs thrown in for good measure … here’s the agenda and our notes:

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Notes: Planning & Development – January 9, 2018

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Notice: Finance & Admin, Planning & Development Meetings January 8 & 9, 2018

The new year starts off with two committee meetings this week, Admin & Finance and Planning & Development. The content may not be meaty, but there are always a few good tidbits hiding in these meetings.

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Notes: Planning & Development Committee – September 26, 2017

Highlights of the Planning & Development Committee meeting on September 26:

Official Minutes:,1923,79758&preview=86955

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Notice: Planning & Development Committee – September 26, 2017

We hope that everyone managed to enjoy the unseasonable (in a good sense) weather we had this past weekend.  While it may have felt like summer, it is definitely fall and the Planning & Development Agenda for this Tuesday’s meeting is an extensive buffet of items.

Grab your utensils and let’s dig into the Agenda!

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Notes: Council Meeting – July 17, 2017

As we mentioned in our previous post, it was nearly “standing room only” in the packed Council Chambers for the July 17th meeting.  Thankfully Staff anticipated a large turnout so there was a stack of extra chairs on hand for those who didn’t get prime seating.

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NOTICE: Grimsby Town Council Meeting – July 17, 2017

You won’t want to miss the Council meeting on Monday, July 17 at 6:30 pm!

On the agenda is the long-awaited update on the Town’s (meaning you the taxpayers) multi-million dollar non-operational Biodisaster Biodigester that is almost 2 years behind schedule.  Read our recent posts for some background:  here and here…. and here.

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NOTES: Admin & Finance Committee – July 10, 2017

The Admin & Finance Committee was in session on Monday evening and covered a wide array of matters including but not limited to the 2018 Municipal Election, Animal Control and Fire Safety Plans.

The full agenda for the meeting is located at:

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