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The Hydro Files: Part 1 – Houston, We Have A Number

…and a problem. Well we in fact have a few numbers, not just one… from the elusive web of Town hydro companies. On October 9, 2018 the Town’s 2017 financial statements were presented to the Admin & Finance Committee for their approval.  Why is that interesting?  Because it gave us a small window into what has been happening with the finances of the companies in the hydro group.

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How They Voted: Biodigester – The $4.5M Loan Guarantee


We noticed that NewsNow printed an interesting update on the Biodigester in this week’s edition of the paper entitled “Bio Blues”.  The article examines the numerous non-compliance issues at the Biodigester found by the Province, which we do not find surprising.  You can read the entire article here:

Given that “thing” on Sobie Road is probably burning more money than it is organic material, we thought we would take a look back at the Bio and see how Council voted on one of many issues to arise out of that white elephant.  It has been a hot item on the minds of voters for this election cycle and one that causes incumbents to seek shelter or provide excuses.  So let the record speak for itself.

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Notice: Council Meeting – September 17, 2018

With the last week of summer upon us, Council is back in session at it’s regular time on Monday night (September 17th @ 7PM).  Concerning the agenda, if you enjoy having a garage party after 11PM or dusting it up with a little street fight now and then…. the By-Law updates are for you.  For the rest of us, the Biodigester delegation may prove to be the more interesting item.

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Notes: Hospital Corridor Study & Council – July 16, 2018


Official Town Minutes:,1965,90198&preview=96209

Hospital Corridor Study

The Town is undertaking a study to develop a Secondary Plan and Urban Design Guidelines for the Town’s Hospital Corridor. This area is defined as all properties fronting onto Main Street East from Nelles Road to West Lincoln Memorial Hospital.

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Notice: Council – July 16, 2018 – Biodigester, Hospital Corridor Plan and Medical Marijuana

While the kids are out of school and people are relaxing in their summer holidays, Council will be hard at work tonight with a very lengthy agenda covering a wide range of matters.

Among some of the topics of interest are:

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Notes: Council – May 7, 2018, Planning & Development – May 8, 2018

We’ve got a double-feature with today’s post covering both the May 7 and May 8 Council and P&D meetings, respectively.

Monday, May 7 – Council Notes



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Reader Commentary: “Doors Open” Biodigester Tour

Hot on the heels of our previous post on GEI’s advertorial that appeared recently, we received an e-mail-up from a reader who  took part in the “Doors Open” tour of the Biodigester and has been following this project closely.

Needless to say, some of the points raised are very thought provoking, but as a disclaimer… these are the independent opinions of the reader and not this site.

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GEI Biodigester Advertorial – Spread the Sunshine!

Propaganda?  Damage control?

To pay for an advertisement  encouraging the public to share “feel good” comments with the local media about a very expensive and questionable piece of equipment (supported by the Town and taxpayers) … it seems like it.

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Notes: Council Meetings – September 18, 2017

The Council meeting had a very packed agenda on Monday and with that and other matters keeping us busy, we apologize for keeping readers “in suspense” over what transpired at Council.

Notably missing from the meeting was Mayor Bentley, so Alderman Seaborn took the reins as Deputy Mayor

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Notes: Council – August 21, 2017

The Council Chambers were packed again as two hot issues were on the agenda – the potential Livingston Avenue Extension through the woodlot and ongoing dumping of fill on Kemp Road properties. And don’t miss the New Business piece at the very end … the Biodigester!

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