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Notes – Council Meeting – December 4, 2017

It was a packed an almost empty house at Council this past Monday, on both sides of the podium.  For those who weren’t there, as usual we have the notes.

The full agenda is viewable at:,79798&preview=89068

With Mayor Bentley absent for Council, Alderman Joanne Johnston took the reins as Deputy Mayor chairing the meeting. The agenda was light, but the energy perked up when the Public Works meeting minutes were put forward for approval.

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Notice: Council & Town Meetings – December 2017

It is hard to believe December is already upon us, but a new month means a new schedule of meetings for Council and Town committees.

First up this month is Council on Monday (December 4th).  While the agenda looks brief, we expect that the money-eating turbines called the CoGen will be front and centre with some hearty discussion as to it’s future (or a lack thereof).

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Notes: Council – November 6, 2017

Another Council meeting has come and gone and as usual we have the notes for you.  In short, money changed hands and Metrolinx surprised most aldermen with their presentation at Monday’s Council meeting.

The agenda can be found at:,543,79798&preview=88267

Here are our highlights of the evening:

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Notice: Council Meeting – November 6, 2017

Although it’s the weekend… it’s cold out, so no better time than ever to dig into the agenda for Monday’s Council Meeting. A few interesting items, so without further ado, lets take a run through it.

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$urpri$e: More CoGen Problem$


While reviewing the Public Works Agenda and Minutes of last week’s meeting, we (not surprisingly) found that the our good ol’ friend the CoGen is once again showing signs of aging.  For a project whose turbines were “purchased about 2010 and periodically in service since 2015” and breaking down constantly since, it definitely appears to be on it’s last legs.

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Biodigester: Big Update at July 17th Council Meeting?

Photo Credit:  Niagara News Now (Undated)

Ordinary residents and Members of Council alike have been asking for months for an update to the over budget, much delayed and much reviled Biodigester project sitting up top of the mountain.

After plenty of stalling, we have all been promised an update at the next Council Meeting this coming Monday (July 17th).  Given the recent “developments’ (or a lack thereof when considering the project as a whole), we are sure it will be a well-attended meeting.

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Throwback Thursday: The CoGen Vision in 2010

Photo Credit:  Google Inc. / Google Maps

While we are generally in a “slower cycle” when it comes to happenings at Town Hall at this time of year, we thought it apt to occasionally take a look back at topics of interest and see how we got where they are (or aren’t, if that’s the case).

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NOTES: Admin & Finance Committee – July 10, 2017

The Admin & Finance Committee was in session on Monday evening and covered a wide array of matters including but not limited to the 2018 Municipal Election, Animal Control and Fire Safety Plans.

The full agenda for the meeting is located at:

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Notes: Council Meeting – June 19, 2017

As Council will be taking a break for a month (next meeting is July 17th) there seemed to be a lot of ground covered and a packed audience to go along with the proceedings.  The agenda and following discussions were definitely a mixed bag of treats.

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Notice: Grimsby Town Council Meeting – June 19, 2017

Town Council takes a final seating on Monday June 19th, 2017 before taking a short break for a month.   While most of the agenda is just a “pass-through” of the items covered in recent committee meanings, there are a few notable items that caught our eye.

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