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NOTES: Council December 3, 2018 (Inaugural Meeting)

The first meeting of the new Council took place this past Monday, December 3 and although the agenda was light as business is rarely transacted at inaugurations, there is always notes for you.

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NewsNow: Downtown Condo Dies In Tie Vote / Last Council Meeting

Well, we would normally have notes from Council but we think NewsNow sums up what happened with the Century Condo project past Monday evening pretty well.  We have added in some prefacing commentary as well…

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Notes: Planning, November 13 / Notice: Council (Century Condos) November 19, 2018


With most of the Committees wrapped up for this term of Council, it’s been a little slower than usual on the news front.  But we did have a *very*  interesting P&D meeting on Tuesday with the proposed Century Condos downtown being the highlight.  And of course we have the notes for your review…

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Grimsby Votes: Municipal Election 2018 Unofficial Results

Before we get to the results, Grimsby residents should pat themselves on the back.  There was a great turnout both with electronic voting and with traditional ballots at Town Hall.  It shows how dedicated residents are to our community.  Now onto the unofficial results…

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The Hydro Files: Part 4 – The Ombudsman Investigates (Twice)

In this installment, which we hope might be the last, of the “Hydro Files” we will take a look at the Ontario Ombudsman’s investigations in Grimsby, not once but twice, into some “secret meetings” involving hydro matters held by the Town and the secret hydro empire it controls.

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The Hydro Files: Part 3 – The Empire Strikes Back (Council – Oct 15)

While we originally would have normally called this post “Notes:  Council – October 15, 2018”, the night’s events were quite heavy (handed) on the topic of the Town’s hydro companies, their financials and “secret” meetings.  As such, we thought it qualified more as part of our “Hydro Files” series.

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How They Voted: Irish Woodlot / Livingston Ave. Extension

With fall in the air, our local enclaves of forests (well, we don’t really have many left below the escarpment) are starting to turn into beautiful hues and the much loved Irish Woodlot in Grimsby is no exception.  As such, we thought it would be apt to turn our “How They Voted” eyes onto the Irish Woodlot and the proposed “Livingston Avenue Extension” through it.

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The Hydro Files: Part 2 – One Small Town, Five Hydro Boards

While in attendance at the July 16, 2018 Council meeting, we noted one item on the agenda whose timing was a little puzzling.  This item was a recommendation from the “Working Committee Board of Directors for Niagara Power” with a list of the Town’s various hydro boards and individuals who were recommended to serve on them.  Given that the election was just a few months away, we began wondering why 2 and 3-year terms appeared on the agenda and started thinking about these Boards of Directors.

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NTW: Bentley doesn’t seek re-election in Grimsby / Social Media


Niagara This Week featured a personal piece with Mayor Bentley or “Mayor Bob” as he prefers to be called and his decision to not seek re-election to Grimsby’s Mayoral seat.  With new additions to his family and many years in the public spotlight, we can certainly understand his decision.

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Guest Column: 14 Lanes Are Enough

We are going to hand over the reins of this post to Bruce Mackenzie, a local and noted naturalist who has championed conservation of natural resources both here in Grimsby and around the province.  You might recognize his name as part of Hawkwatch, saving the Biggar Lagoons bird habitat or his dedication to preserving the woodlot.

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