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Notes: Century Condos Public Meeting (P&D) – October 9, 2018

While the agenda was sparse, the air was dense as people waited with baited breaths to hear and speak to the updated report on the 4/5 storey Century Condos development downtown.

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Notice: Public Meeting – 6 Doran Avenue (Century Condos Downtown)

Remember No More Than Four?  Century Condos (6 Doran & 21-23 Main Street) is back for another kick at the Planning can this coming Tuesday (October 9th) with an open-microphone public meeting.  After reading some of the reports on the project, it will be a very interesting meeting.

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Notes: Planning & Development (Century Condos Open House) – March 27, 2018

While everyone has been enjoying the long weekend, we have been busy putting together our notes from the March 27, 2018 Planning & Development meeting.  With so many speakers for the Century Condos “open house”, needless to say we had a great deal of paper to go over.

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Thank You: Century Condos Open House!

While we are compiling notes, we just wanted to say what a great turnout there was at Town Hall on Tuesday Night.  So much that the Fire Department had to enforce the 185 people maximum in the building and turn people away.

For those who were unable to get in, from our understanding (subject to change) the Town took their names and they will have an opportunity at the April 10, 2018 P&D meeting to have their say to Town Staff and the Committee.

For those who did get in and especially for those who spoke, it was clear that the Committee, Town Staff and the Developer heard the message of “No More Than Four”.  Some Committee members even went so far to remark “Three is even better”.

You can still send an e-mail/letter off to Council ahead of the Council meeting on Monday,

Thanks to everyone for joining the cause and their continuing support to preserve our Downtown!


Century Condos Downtown: NO MORE THAN FOUR!

We heard the people loud and clear.  The question is… did Grimsby Town Council?

The citizens of Grimsby are NOT happy with the proposed Century Condos development downtown.  NewsNow reports on the developer-led March 1st Open House here:

Do you want to do something about it?
Do you want to send your message of disapproval loud and clear to Council?

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Here We Grow Again: Century Condos Details

Following our recent post on the proposed Century Condos development by DeSantis in downtown Grimsby, we received an email from Mr. John Ariens, Associate Director and Planner with IBI group on behalf of the developer, requesting that we share it with the community.

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Here We Grow Again: Century Condos in Downtown Grimsby

The community has been asking a lot of questions about what is happening with the downtown property at Main Street and Elm, next to “Beyond the Barre” across from the TD Bank.

This property was purchased by DeSantis (in addition to a few other properties abutting it) and fencing and a large sign was recently erected advertising “Coming Soon – Century Condos”.

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Downtown Grimsby Businesses Still Affected After Fire

The fire trucks are long gone but for those who live or have businesses in Downtown Grimsby, things are not as they used to be.

With a part of westbound Main Street still closed to vehicular traffic, the temporary move of the Market to the Peach King Centre,  coupled with people being on summer holidays… businesses are still being impacted by the aftermath of the downtown fire.

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UPDATE: Grimsby Downtown Fire Photos

Photo Credits:  GCFRG

Here are some of the photos we took downtown this afternoon of the aftermath of the fire.  It was quite an unsettling scene and eerily quiet, given what a regular Friday afternoon in the downtown area would normally be like.

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Downtown Grimsby Fire – Meetings At Town Hall Closed to Media/General Public

Subsequent to yesterdays’s fire downtown that we wrote about here, the Town held two meetings this morning at Town Hall.  The first of these meetings was for downtown residents impacted by the fire and the second meeting for downtown businesses being impacted.

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