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A Better Niagara: Needs Your Support!

Our good friends over at A Better Niagara posted an open letter from Ed Smith, stressing the importance of the battle for transparency and better governance in Niagara that is before us.   But as with all struggles, they come with a cost.

While you may be getting calls from the big parties looking for donations ahead of the June provincial election, we say that you will get more “bang for your buck” by donating to ABN and changing our local political landscape.

You can read the full post from Ed Smith/ABN on Facebook at:

OPP Clears NPCA of “Criminal Wrongdoing”. But Wait…


It appears that the OPP has cleared the NPCA of any “criminal” wrongdoing after investigating allegations of such, but that doesn’t mean the storm has passed for the agency that seems to have little trouble attracting controversy.

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The Spec: Burlington City Manager Goes After Citizen’s Group

We came across an interesting opinion piece by Joan Little in the Hamilton Spectator regarding out-of-scale development in Burlington and the rise of yet another citizen’s group.

In the case of Burlington however, their city manager James Ridge seems to be going the failed route of the NPCA in an attempt to suppress this public dissent.

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NPCA v. Ed Smith – NPCA Legal Expenses Revealed

Judges gavel and law books stacked behind

Despite the apparent attempts to keep costs under wraps, it looks like the now-dismissed lawsuit by the NPCA against Ed Smith ran up a legal bill of over $140,000.

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Notes: Council Meeting – January 15, 2018

The Council agenda was pretty bare again this week with just a few crumbs thrown in for good measure … here’s the agenda and our notes:

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In The Know: 20 Years of Regional Council Expenses

With many of us looking forward to the 2018 Municipal Election, we thought we would share this page detailing the last 20 years of “Remuneration and Expenses for Members of Regional Council”.

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St. Catharine’s Standard Opinion: NPCA “Sore Losers”

Photo Credit:  St. Catharine’s Standard

Here is a recent article from the St. Catharine’s Standard’s “Opinion Column” by Doug Herod which gives a quick overview and a great “take” on the whole NPCA v. Ed Smith SLAPP case.

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Court Orders NPCA to Pay Activist Ed Smith

Photo Credit:  St. Catharine’s Standard

As we reported a few weeks ago (here), the Courts dismissed the NPCA’s defamation case against Ed Smith, an outspoken advocate for transparency and good governance.  At the time, there had been no ruling in Mr. Smith’s counterclaim against the NPCA and affiliated parties.

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Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority v. Smith – Case Dismissed!

Photo Credit:  St. Catharines Standard

In what might be called a “victory for free speech” and public interest, an Ontario court dismissed the two cases of defamation launched by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority and a marketing firm against Ed Smith on November 23rd.

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