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Notice: Upcoming Town Meetings – January 2018

2018 is sure to both an interesting and busy year at Town Hall.   As such we have the a list of the first set of meetings for the year posted as above.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

Notes: Planning & Development Committee – July 11, 2017

Well, summer may be upon us but that didn’t keep people from packing the gallery at the July 11th Planning & Development Committee.  With two “Open Houses” on the Agenda, it was great to see such a large turnout by residents who actively took part in the meetings.

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Notice: Upcoming Public Meetings July 2017

Well, summertime may be upon us and while many of us be in vacation mode, things may be a little slower at Town Hall as well… but the meetings must go on (albeit on a summer schedule).

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Whatever happened to the questions raised at the Mayor’s Breakfast on Oct 25th, 2016?

On October 25, 2016 the annual Mayor’s Breakfast was held at the Casablanca Winery Inn with guest speaker Alderman DiFlavio on the topic of “Winston Neighbourhood – Imagine the Opportunities”.

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Notes: Town Council – May 15, 2017


Public Works Minutes Discussion

Mr. LeRoux presented a few details of the $8M ($5M with “other projects”) Winston Road reconstruction. Costs will be covered through Development Charges (92%), outside contributions ($1.3M) and $600K from the Town. Since DC’s won’t all be received at the time construction starts this June, short term borrowing will need to be put in place with interest payments charged back to DC’s. Potential of 5-8 years to recoup the costs in a “hot” market, and up to 20 years if things slow down (highly probable). Apparently Public Works does not expect too many “extras” and has set aside a small contingency ($100K) for possible overruns.

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Notes: Town Council – April 3, 2017


Asset Management
This team was created by Town Manager Brandt to better manage, monitor and report on the Town assets such as; roads, buildings, IT, sanitary and water systems, pipes, fleet and equipment, parks, street lights, to name a few. Jenn Gross, a GIS Analyst for the Town presented.

It was noted that the Town’s asset plan currently does not have enough detail in it to satisfy government reporting requirements. New software and processes will enhance accountability and transparency and enable the Town to better prioritize asset repair and replacement.

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Notes: Planning & Development Committee – March 28, 2017


AquaBlu Draft Plan of Standard Condominium

This was passed with conditions. Note that with the three new developments on Concord – AquaBlu, AquaZul and the 5-storey Commercial Centre, the Town Planner stated that “the entire complex will be one large shared complex” for parking. That’s because parking concessions (and easements/shared services agreements) were approved overlapping parking on each other’s lots… so it will be a free for all when it comes to visitors trying to find a legal parking spot.

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