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TVO: Tories Bill Could Punch Holes In Greenbelt

The powers that be at Queens Park have introduced Bill 66, although entitled “Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act”, it could have serious implications allowing municipalities to short-circuit existing planning and environmental legislation when it comes to certain development.

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How They Voted: Irish Woodlot / Livingston Ave. Extension

With fall in the air, our local enclaves of forests (well, we don’t really have many left below the escarpment) are starting to turn into beautiful hues and the much loved Irish Woodlot in Grimsby is no exception.  As such, we thought it would be apt to turn our “How They Voted” eyes onto the Irish Woodlot and the proposed “Livingston Avenue Extension” through it.

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Is The Region Planning To Plow Through The Greenbelt?

Source:  Stock Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Yes, the headline may sound a little spectacular but when you start connecting the dots, it is clear that much like the Regional CAO hiring process, there is a “parallel process” at play at the Region with a potential predetermined outcome when it comes to the Greenbelt.

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Notes: Council – November 20, 2017 & Metrolinx Public Meetings November 21, 2017

It definitely feels like an election is in the air as some interesting momentum followed the two delegations that presented at Council on November 20.  We’ve captured below the local transit discussion as well as the Metrolinx Grimsby GO Public Information Centre held on November 21.

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Save The Wood Lot – Your Help and Support Needed!

For long-time Grimsby residents, they know the fight to save the Irish Wood Lot has been fought long and hard.  For those who are newer to Grimsby, this has been a long battle to stop a proposed extension of Livingston Road through an environmentally unique and sensitive area.

Not only would the extension cost an estimated $8.5 million of taxpayer dollars, but it would essentially be a 1.6 km “road to nowhere” as the lands that it would go through are designated Greenbelt and could not be developed.

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Town Still Holding Onto Hopes To Build In The Greenbelt

As we have previously posted, there will be no land removed from the Greenbelt in Grimsby as a result of the 2017 amendments to The Greenbelt Plan.  That however has not deterred the Town’s hope of some “concessions” concerning land around the planned GO station.

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Co-ordinated Land Use Planning Review (Greenbelt Review) Final Report Released

The Honourable Bill Mauro, Minister of Municipal Affairs and The Honourable Kathryn McGarry today announced the release of the final Co-ordinated Land Use Planning Review, or as most of us know it for.. the Greenbelt Plan.

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Greenbelt Fight Is Bigger Than Grimsby

Great article by Alexandra Heck that looks at the Greenbelt and it’s state of affairs. It comes as no surprise that the Province maintained it’s dedication on preserving the Greenbelt and didn’t allow developers or local politics to sway them.

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Mayor Bentley Still In Talks About The Greenbelt

Attempting to get changes to the Greenbelt after the review seems like an “exercise in futility”.  Highly doubtful there would be changes after the fact as this would open the door for other municipalities to seek the same.

With Grimsby already meeting density targets, one can conceivably ask whose interests are being served in trying to pry land out of our local Greenbelt?

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