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Grimsby Ranks #2 in Maclean’s Survey of Canada’s Best Communities

Macleans just released it’s annual list of the top communities in Canada to live and Grimsby ranked #2, being edged out only by Burlington. Heavyweights such as Toronto, Ottawa, Oakville and Mississauga ranked much further down the list.

You can read the Top 25 at this link here and the entire list with filters and sorting at this link here.

Well done Grimsby!

Grimsby Votes: Electronic Voting – Are You Concerned?

After discussions with many Grimsby residents, it seems that they have genuine concerns over the choice (and push) to use electronic voting in October’s municipal election.  Does electronic voting have the integrity that a traditional ballot does?  We say “NO!”.

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Grimsby GO Trains In 2021? – A Reality Check.


As a follow-up post to Friday’s “GO Train Update & Council Agenda Raises Questions“, we did some digging to try and get a better feel of the latest Metrolinx press release on GO in Niagara and the “information explicitly supplied in confidence” to the Town.  It seems there is something significant on the table, what that is will be interesting to find out.

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And the (Unofficial) Nominee’s are…

Nominations for the 2018 Municipal Election closed today at 2PM and the list as posted on the Town site shows for some competitive if not interesting races.  Notably Mayor Bentley did not re-file for Mayor and he will be handing over the Chains of Office to one of two known contenders, Jeff Jordan or Steve Berry.

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Niagara Votes 2018: Here Comes The Candidates (Slowly)!

While it is still the beginning of July, some are looking forward to the fall… not for the cooler weather, but because October 22 is the day “Niagara Votes”.  The opportunity to bring back (or usher out) local politicians is one not to be taken lightly and of course we urge every one to exercise that democratic right.

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The Standard: Quirk & NPCA Present Different Stories on Controversial Flyers

As we wrote in our previous post here, there has been some controversy as to whether flyers from the NPCA that featured a full-fledged bio of Grimsby’s Regional Councillor may be considered campaign material.  Councillor Quirk has already filed his nomination paperwork for re-election, pending certification. Continue reading

Grimsby Will Try To Pitch Amazon For $5 Billion North American HQ

While reading the Grimsby Lincoln News yesterday, we stumbled across an interesting article that discusses how the Town of Grimsby will try and pitch the town to Amazon as a prospective location for their new $5 Billion North American HQ.  It is expected such a facility will create about 50,000 jobs.

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Save The Wood Lot – Your Help and Support Needed!

For long-time Grimsby residents, they know the fight to save the Irish Wood Lot has been fought long and hard.  For those who are newer to Grimsby, this has been a long battle to stop a proposed extension of Livingston Road through an environmentally unique and sensitive area.

Not only would the extension cost an estimated $8.5 million of taxpayer dollars, but it would essentially be a 1.6 km “road to nowhere” as the lands that it would go through are designated Greenbelt and could not be developed.

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Grimsby Area Greenhouse Going To Pot – Literally

Bob Dylan sung in 1964 “The Times Are A Changin'”… and this seems to be the case of some of the Westbrook greenhouses in the Grimsby area, after Up Cannabis Incorporated has agreed to acquire greenhouses, land and equipment at a cost of $7.3  million.

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Notes: Planning & Development Committee – July 11, 2017

Well, summer may be upon us but that didn’t keep people from packing the gallery at the July 11th Planning & Development Committee.  With two “Open Houses” on the Agenda, it was great to see such a large turnout by residents who actively took part in the meetings.

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