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Grimsby Votes: Electronic Voting – Are You Concerned?

After discussions with many Grimsby residents, it seems that they have genuine concerns over the choice (and push) to use electronic voting in October’s municipal election.  Does electronic voting have the integrity that a traditional ballot does?  We say “NO!”.

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A Better Niagara: How They Voted – Regional Council

A Better Niagara recently posted a chart detailing how members of Regional Council voted on key issues of integrity in recent years.  Their methodology was to evaluate what type of vote represented the best of interest of citizens on that particular issue and from that, tally up.

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Grimsby Projects – A Follow-Up (Reader Commentary)

Further to our previous post “Grimsby Projects – What’s Going On?”, we received another e-mail as a follow-up from the same reader.  The opinions expressed in that correspondence are very enlightening, so we thought we would share them with you.

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Grimsby Projects – What’s Going On? (Reader Commentary)

We often receive commentary and information from concerned residents who share our vision for a Greater Grimsby.  The following is a very thought-provoking opinion piece we recently received from a resident and with permission decided to share with our fellow citizens.

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Alderman Caught Spying at the Inn?

One of our recent posts poked fun at a By-Law sign prohibiting “spying”. But the truth may be stranger than our funny-bone in this bomb-shell investigative article by Mike Williscraft.

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Grimsby Development and the “Section 37 Bonus” Provision

Interesting article in Niagara This Week regarding Grimsby and the “Section 37 Bonus” provisions which are applicable when a developer wants to go beyond original zoning limits.

The current process of closed-door negotiations between developers and the Town is far from transparent. For residents these “payoffs” can’t mitigate the effects of poor planning and the deleterious effects on them and their property.

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NPCA Cancels RFP Process Due to “Member Interference”

It seems there is a question of integrity even within members of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Board of Directors.

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