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The Star: AG Finds Metrolinx Approved Two Stations Under Political Pressure


The Auditor General in her examination of two proposed GO stations concluded that “Metrolinx inappropriately recommended the province build them under pressure from the former transportation minister and the City of Toronto”.

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BREAKING: No-Go For GO Trains In Niagara

Well, what can we say… you read it here first way back in August when we stated that the promise of the GO Train into Niagara was going off the rails.

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Metrolinx Re-Schedules Public Meetings on GO in Niagara

If you are not on the Metrolinx mailing list for GO Train Niagara Expansion, then you probably missed their recent announcement that they are re-scheduling their public meetings.

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Notice: GO Transit Station Open House – November 8, 2018

The Region will be hosting an “open house” at the Casablanca Winery Inn to highlight the “achievements” thus far of the various Secondary Plans that have fed into the Hub and Transit Stations Study.

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Grimsby GO Trains In 2021? – A Reality Check.


As a follow-up post to Friday’s “GO Train Update & Council Agenda Raises Questions“, we did some digging to try and get a better feel of the latest Metrolinx press release on GO in Niagara and the “information explicitly supplied in confidence” to the Town.  It seems there is something significant on the table, what that is will be interesting to find out.

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GO Train Update & Council Agenda Raises Questions

In what seems to break the silence in updates regarding GO service to Grimsby and the Niagara Region, Metrolinx released a media advisory curiously titled “Metrolinx and Niagara Region continue to work together to bring regular GO train service to the region”.

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In Case You Missed It: GO/Metrolinx – December 2017

If you are not on Metrolinx mailing list, you missed a recent update they sent out in regards to the GO Niagara Extension.  We have posted a copy of that newsletter for you below so you can get up to speed with all the happenings on the GO Niagara Extension.

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Notes: Council – November 20, 2017 & Metrolinx Public Meetings November 21, 2017

It definitely feels like an election is in the air as some interesting momentum followed the two delegations that presented at Council on November 20.  We’ve captured below the local transit discussion as well as the Metrolinx Grimsby GO Public Information Centre held on November 21.

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Notice: Metrolinx/GO Open House – November 21, 2017

Metrolinx will be rolling into town and presenting their plans for GO transit in Grimsby to the community on Tuesday, November 21 starting at 6:00 pm at Southward Park on Mud Street.

Come and ask your questions!

Notes: Council – November 6, 2017

Another Council meeting has come and gone and as usual we have the notes for you.  In short, money changed hands and Metrolinx surprised most aldermen with their presentation at Monday’s Council meeting.

The agenda can be found at:,543,79798&preview=88267

Here are our highlights of the evening:

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