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The Standard: New Regional Council Scraps Old NPCA Board

After a “Hail Mary” play by Sandy Annunziata to try and use a 24-year old Order In Council to try and control the NPCA appointment process was deflated by the Ministry of Environment, the new Regional Council sworn in today went ahead and turfed Annunziata and the previous NPCA Board.

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ABN: NPCA’s Old Guard Gets Desperate On The Way Out

Despite getting the boot from the electorate, it looks like the “old guard” at the NPCA is desperately trying to retain control of the organization in one form or another.  Unfinished business perhaps?

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Notice: Niagara Region Governance – Public Meeting

The external governance audit of Niagara Region, including the NPCA,  that is being conducted by Dr. Andrew Sancton and Dr. Tim Cobban is seeking public input and is hosting a public meeting on November 28th at Niagara Regional HQ.

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AG Report on NPCA Audit Released – Don’t Be Surprised

The Auditor General’s report on the audit of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority was tabled a short time ago at Queen’s Park and is now available on the AG’s site.  Not surprisingly, the AG found that there is some serious issues with that organization.

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NPCA Audit To Tabled At Queen’s Park This Week

It will be an interesting week at Queen’s Park (and the Region) as the Auditor General is tabling it’s report on the audit of the Niagara Peninsula Conversation Authority.

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The Standard – All The Chair’s Men – Hiring Tainted Before It Started

Much like the weather over the past few days, it appears that it is getting hotter and hotter at Niagara Regional Council.  After a marathon 5+ hour session last Thursday investigating the “hiring” of CAO Carmen D’Angelo, Regional Council resolved unanimously to ask the Ombudsman to step in.

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The Standard: Quirk & NPCA Present Different Stories on Controversial Flyers

As we wrote in our previous post here, there has been some controversy as to whether flyers from the NPCA that featured a full-fledged bio of Grimsby’s Regional Councillor may be considered campaign material.  Councillor Quirk has already filed his nomination paperwork for re-election, pending certification. Continue reading

The Standard: NPCA CAO Questions Quirk Flyers

It looks like there might be trouble brewing for Grimsby Regional Councillor Tony Quirk after some publicly funded flyers appear to be an attempt to campaign on the public dime.  Even the CAO of the NPCA, a Board Councillor Quirk sits on, is seeking answers on this one.

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Notice: P&D (Century Condos) May 29, NPCA Grimsby Floodplain Mapping May 31 + Council Notes (May 22)

REMINDER:  Century Condos Open House – May 29 @ 7 pm – Town Hall

Don’t miss the May 29th Public Open House at 7:00 pm on the Century Condos downtown development to hear about the revised 4 storey proposal and provide any comments you may have.

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A Better Niagara: Needs Your Support!

Our good friends over at A Better Niagara posted an open letter from Ed Smith, stressing the importance of the battle for transparency and better governance in Niagara that is before us.   But as with all struggles, they come with a cost.

While you may be getting calls from the big parties looking for donations ahead of the June provincial election, we say that you will get more “bang for your buck” by donating to ABN and changing our local political landscape.

You can read the full post from Ed Smith/ABN on Facebook at:

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