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The Standard: New Regional CAO Cleans House

Photo Credit:  Chris Carter – Bob Tymczyszyn , The St. Catharines Standard

Much like voters cleaned house of local and Regional councils in October, Niagara Region’s acting CAO, Ron Tripp picked up the same broom and started getting rid of those that the electors could not sweep out.

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The Standard: New Regional Council Scraps Old NPCA Board

After a “Hail Mary” play by Sandy Annunziata to try and use a 24-year old Order In Council to try and control the NPCA appointment process was deflated by the Ministry of Environment, the new Regional Council sworn in today went ahead and turfed Annunziata and the previous NPCA Board.

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The Standard: Easton – ‘Master Plan’ At Work With CAO Hiring

SOURCE:  Twitter/@SandraLEaston

Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton is not shying away from the sorry state of politics at the Region, including the controversial “hiring” of Regional CAO Carmen D’Angelo.

Easton who was a member of the CAO selection committee is now speaking out and saying that her four years at the Region and the “backroom dealing” there has left her “disgusted”.

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A Better Niagara: How They Voted – Regional Council

A Better Niagara recently posted a chart detailing how members of Regional Council voted on key issues of integrity in recent years.  Their methodology was to evaluate what type of vote represented the best of interest of citizens on that particular issue and from that, tally up.

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The Standard: Niagara Falls City Council Asks Regional CAO to Resign

It looks like things just got a little hotter at the Region.  With many questions  surrounding Regional Council, the latest development in the CAO hiring saga is that Niagara Falls City Council passed a motion asking D’Angelo to step down.

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Regional Council: Now a “Lame Duck” Council

With the List of Official Candidates now certified, it appears that Regional Council has found themselves in a “lame duck” situation.  With a little less than the 75% of the current Regional Council vying to return to the Chambers, the Region now has a lame duck Council.

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Notice: Shape Niagara Event (Thursday June 21)

The Region will be hosting a “Shape Niagara” event tonight (Thursday, June 21) from 5pM-7PM at the Fleming Centre, Beamsville.  This will be a public information session on the development of a new strategic plan for Regional Council.

Although many people feel like Regional Council isn’t listening it’s still important to show up when these opportunities arise. Please participate if you can.

Site Link:

A Better Niagara: CAO Hiring Investigation Fails The Transparency Test

Following up on our earlier post on the Regional CAO “Back Room Dealing” as investigated by the St. Catharine’s Standard, the good folks over at A Better Niagara penned their opinion on the “investigation” that was initiated by Regional Council.

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A Better Niagara: Citizens Rally @ Regional Council April 12, 2018

Our friends over at A Better Niagara will be hosting a citizens rally ahead of April 12th’s Regional Council Meeting.  Besides the general malaise seemingly affecting Regional Council, they also want to focus on the questionable hiring of the Region’s CAO.

If you are concerned about proper governance in Niagara, we encourage you to attend.

The rally will take place at 6:00 PM, ahead of the 6:30 PM meeting at:

Council Chambers
Niagara Region Headquarters, Campbell West
1815 Sir Isaac Brock Way,
Thorold, On

You can find more information in ABN’s Facebook post by clicking this link here.

The Standard: Hiring of Regional CAO – “Back-Room Dealing”

If you thought the dire and questionable state of Niagara Regional Council couldn’t get any worse, well we have a surprise for you!

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