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Grimsby Votes: The Great “Debate” Debate

For those who might not have caught last week’s article and editorial in News Now, there was a focus on the upcoming municipal election debate(s).  The Grimsby Chamber of Commerce has tentatively scheduled a Mayoral debate on October 2nd from 7-8PM at the Casablanca Winery Inn.  A “meet and greet” with all candidates from the other races, will bookend the night before and after the debate.

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Sawchuk Incident: Regional Councillor Says Region Is The Victim

The Region recently held a meeting discussing possible changes to media policies and the recent seizure of press equipment.  In the incident that involved seizure of media equipment, Grimsby Regional Councillor Quirk says the Region is the victim and did nothing wrong.

For more details, please read the March 6th article in the St. Catharines Standard: