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Notes: Council – May 7, 2018, Planning & Development – May 8, 2018

We’ve got a double-feature with today’s post covering both the May 7 and May 8 Council and P&D meetings, respectively.

Monday, May 7 – Council Notes



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Grimsby Will Try To Pitch Amazon For $5 Billion North American HQ

While reading the Grimsby Lincoln News yesterday, we stumbled across an interesting article that discusses how the Town of Grimsby will try and pitch the town to Amazon as a prospective location for their new $5 Billion North American HQ.  It is expected such a facility will create about 50,000 jobs.

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Notes: Council Meetings – September 18, 2017

The Council meeting had a very packed agenda on Monday and with that and other matters keeping us busy, we apologize for keeping readers “in suspense” over what transpired at Council.

Notably missing from the meeting was Mayor Bentley, so Alderman Seaborn took the reins as Deputy Mayor

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Grimsby Projects – What’s Going On? (Reader Commentary)

We often receive commentary and information from concerned residents who share our vision for a Greater Grimsby.  The following is a very thought-provoking opinion piece we recently received from a resident and with permission decided to share with our fellow citizens.

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Notes: Town Council – May 1, 2017

GO Hub and Transit Station Study – Region of Niagara Presentation

The consultant is working on the draft Secondary Plan for the station area to plan the land use, infrastructure needs and transportation network. The boundary of the study area is approximately 800m (as defined by Metrolinx Mobility Hub guidelines) and includes the Livingston Road extension within the Greenbelt.

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Notes: Committee of the Whole Budget Meeting – April 18th, 2017

I guess if you start high, there’s only one way to go – down – and from an optics perspective, it looks more palatable. After starting at a 16% tax levy increase, Finance staff whittled it down to 7.3%. Then, (a few) aldermen took their pencils out and whittled just a wee bit more to get it down to 6% … because it sounds better. In comparison, 7 other local municipalities have established levy increases ranging from 2.08% to 6.95%.

Comments: March 29 Special Council Meeting – Committee of the Whole Budget Discussion

** Keep an Eye on Your Local Parkette **

Unfortunately, we missed the March 29 Council meeting that discussed the budget. So we thought it would be wise to review the minutes on the Grimsby Town Hall website to see what was discussed… what did we find, basically nothing. Surprised?