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RESCHEDULED: Planning – Fifth Wheel/Losani Open House – February 26, 2019

As promised, we would post the updated date for the Planning & Development Committee “Open House” event for the Losani/Fifth Wheel proposal.  It has been rescheduled for February 26th @ 6PM (Note the early start time) at Town Hall.

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How They Voted: Odyssey Condos (10 Windward) – Just Push It


We are back again with the third installment of “HTV”.  Before we dig in, a big “tip of the hat” to our readers… these posts are very popular and we appreciate your time in reading them.  But back to the business at hand, or the business at the hands of Council to be more precise.  This time we will look at how Council handled the Odyssey Condominium project AKA 10 Windward Drive, a project which is currently in the early sales phase.

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Here We Grow Again: Winery Inn Sold, Two (Proposed) High Rise Towers Coming Up!

Photo Credit:  The Rosseau Group

If you were surprised when it was announced Rosebay was seeking (and received) permission to build two towers at 14 and 18 stories on the previous Planet Nite Club site… well, you better sit down.

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Notes: Planning & Development Committee – July 11, 2017

Well, summer may be upon us but that didn’t keep people from packing the gallery at the July 11th Planning & Development Committee.  With two “Open Houses” on the Agenda, it was great to see such a large turnout by residents who actively took part in the meetings.

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REMINDER: OMB Pre-Hearing – LJM Waterview Phase II 15-Storeys – July 5th, 2017

We just wanted to post a quick reminder of the OMB Pre-Hearing on LJM’s Waterview Condominiums Phase II.  The Pre-Hearing will commence tomorrow (Wednesday July 5th, 2017) at Grimsby Town Hall (Council Chambers) at 10:00 AM.

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Here We Grow Again: 709-721 Winston Road

Residents in the West End of Winston Road recently received notice of a “Public Open House” regarding a proposed subdivision at 709-721 Winston Road.  The proposed development calls for a rezoning with a combination of 8 detached dwellings along Winston Road and 28 condominium townhouses abutting the rear of those properties, with access from the North Service Road

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OMB Pre-Hearing – LJM Waterview Phase II 15-Storeys – July 5, 2017

Click here to view the Full Flyer (PDF)


At the December 13, 2016 Planning and Development Committee public meeting, Winston and Lakelawn residents stated loud and clear that the 15-storey LJM Waterview development is not appropriate and does not belong in their backyards.  The committee listened and denied the application for Official Plan and Zoning amendments to increase the height to 15 storeys from 9.

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Notes: Town Council – May 15, 2017


Public Works Minutes Discussion

Mr. LeRoux presented a few details of the $8M ($5M with “other projects”) Winston Road reconstruction. Costs will be covered through Development Charges (92%), outside contributions ($1.3M) and $600K from the Town. Since DC’s won’t all be received at the time construction starts this June, short term borrowing will need to be put in place with interest payments charged back to DC’s. Potential of 5-8 years to recoup the costs in a “hot” market, and up to 20 years if things slow down (highly probable). Apparently Public Works does not expect too many “extras” and has set aside a small contingency ($100K) for possible overruns.

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Winston Road Re-Development to Start in June 2017

More Winston Road work… and a $5+ million road and paving contract!

Read Alexandra Hecks’ detailed article at:…/7310453-grimsby-s-winsto…/

Winston Road Closure Extended

Just a quick update to posting sometime back regarding Winston Road closure.

The closure at Oakes Road is extended until May 15, 2017 @ 6PM.

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